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New Natural Stone Roofing Slates...

Natural stone has been used in roofing applications and proven durable in excess of one hundred years.

Historically, natural stone has been used for roofing more so in the north of England and Scotland. Due partly to the harsh weather conditions and also, availability of suitable local stone.

With the advent of the internet and modern efficient transport Bingley Stone now supply natural stone slates to customers nationwide.

Natural Stone Roofing
New Natural Stone Roof Slates
Extremely durable
Beautiful natural character

Traditional material / methods
Naturally varied colour
Vast life expectancy
Resistant to harsh elements

Natural stone slates are traditionally laid in diminishing courses. This means that the bigger slates are laid at the bottom of the roof and the courses reduce in size towards the top. A well tiled natural stone roof is a pleasure to look at and an asset to any property.



Roof Area - (sq mtrs)
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Bingley Stone make natural roof slates available in a range of sizes to accommodate laying in diminishing course layouts. From plans or measurements we can provide a battening plan and supply the stone slates in the required sizes for that batten plan. This service can greatly reduce both the cost of the materials and the cost of labour by eliminating wasted time and materials.
Examples of new natural stone slates.

Below are some examples of natural stone roof slates.

Click on the small photo for a larger image.

Please Note: Colours may vary due to your monitor & printer settings.
Sizes :

What does diminishing courses mean?

Natural stone slates are traditionally random sized. The widths and lengths both vary. Slates are laid in diminishing courses from the larger ones at the bottom to the smallest at the top.

This method, although a little tricky to master provides a very pleasing result. The photograph alongside shows the subtle reduction in size as the courses ascend the roof, this is not generally noticed but you will probably appreciate the pleasant appearance and a sense of balance over the whole roof.

Our new natural stone slates range from 1150mm (38") tall down in 150mm (6") increments to 350mm (14") tall and each height of slate comes in 3 different widths.

This traditional form of slating is very common in Scotland and the north of England. It ideally requires the skill of an experienced slater but produces a weather resistant, high quality and most attractive roof.

What is a batten plan?

From architectural drawings, or even simple measurements Bingley Stone can create a diminishing course battening plan. This means we calculate what size courses will be required and more importantly, where the battens are to be fixed to result in a diminishing coursed layout to fit the size of your roof. We will then supply the stone slates to comply with the batten plan. This service can greatly reduce both the cost of the materials and the cost of labour by eliminating a lot of wasted time.

Standard slate sizes.
1100 mm
550 mm
950 mm
550 mm
800 mm
550 mm
650 mm
550 mm
500 mm
550 mm
350 mm
550 mm
The above sizes demonstrate the course heights available.
The measurements are taken from the bottom of the slate up to the fixing hole.
Typical Colour Variations :
Natural Stone Roof Slates - Typical Colour Variations
This illustration is intended to show the colouring and an indication of the proportion of the mix of colours.
As always with any natural stone there will be colour variations.

Note: Colours may vary due to your monitor & printer settings.
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